Ceramic technology equipment is favored in India 50% of the market share belongs to China

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Ceramic technology equipment is favored in India 50% of the market share belongs to China

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2018/09/17 10:18
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Technical equipment such as kiln, press, polishing machine, dry edging machine, energy equipment, etc. become the main equipment for Indian ceramic production--China's technical equipment is favored b

Technical equipment such as kiln, press, polishing machine, dry edging machine, energy equipment, etc。 become the main equipment for Indian ceramic production--China's technical equipment is favored by India。

From March 3rd to 5th, “2009 India Ceramic Industry Exhibition” was held in the Karnavati Club International Conference Center in Gujarat, India, from China, Italy, Spain, Britain, India, etc。 The ceramics manufacturers of the place took their latest design and technology to participate in this ceramic industry exhibition。


Including Foshan Henglitai Machinery Co。, Ltd。, Modena Machinery, Jinlishun Machinery, Okun Machinery, Zhongpeng Machinery, Yiding Technology, Asian Ceramics, Okola, Sinoma High-tech, Haiyuan Machinery, Huaxing Environmental Protection, Cloud ceramic printing design, Bohui Electromechanical, Jingang Mould, Chengbaicheng Abrasives, Zhenghong Alumina Products, Xinjingtai Machinery, Shuofeng Machinery, Huayi Ceramic Pigments, Fenglin Glaze, Timeless Special Ceramics, Ai Tao Electromechanical, 32 Chinese companies including Tegoto participated in the Indian Ceramics Industry Exhibition。


Judging from the effect of the exhibition, this exhibition is better than the previous two exhibitions. It has a strong popularity and a large number of professional visitors. The consultation and negotiation are more active. According to Mr. Wu Junliang, Commercial Director of Foshan City Moda Machinery Co., Ltd. who participated in this India Industrial Exhibition, Henglitai Press, Modena Kiln, Kodak Polishing Machine and Yiding Dry Grinding Machine became the Indian market. Mainstream equipment.


It is understood that Gujarat is an Indian ceramics manufacturing center with an annual production capacity of 200 million square meters. India has introduced a number of advanced ceramic (equipment) production lines from China in the past 3-5 years, the most important being advanced. Production process technology. With the active support of the government and the downward adjustment of gas prices (16 rupees/m3), Indian ceramics have developed steadily, and the local export price of 600×600 permeable bricks is about US$4.4 to US$6.3/m2.


Some industry veterans analyzed that due to the impact of the international financial turmoil, the Indian ceramics market is currently in a recovery phase, which takes about half a year to adjust. Although there are few new projects for Indian ceramics (within half a year), the ceramics market is relatively active, and there is still a large market demand for consumables such as porcelain balls, roller bars and molds.


Zhao Qiusheng, chairman of Foshan Aokun Machinery Co。, Ltd。, said in an interview that although the hardware facilities of this ceramic industry exhibition hall are not very good, but the number of visitors is large, the atmosphere of consultation and negotiation is also good, especially for the old Equipment retrofits are of particular interest。

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